Freighter aircraft Antonov-124 Ruslan of Volga Dnepr Airlines
in Novosibirsk airport
December 2012

About us

Our company has been established in 2008 by the group of specialists having vast experience of work for customs authorities and a number of major Russian airlines and airports.

From the very start we have targeted an unparalleled service quality of international standards as our key way for development should it be rendered in the back end of Siberia or anywhere else.

Our extremely trained staff with over 10 years solid background is day and night engaged in the domestic and international shipments, customs clearance and door-to-door deliveries. For this particular time we have earned a bag of top and sometimes unique skills absolutely needed for an optimum route to click in terms of time and money savings and naturally for almost any budget submitted.

Today, besides the airfreight from all Siberian cities we also offer pick-up and shipments from any place around the globe.

We are literally able to handle any sort of cargo of any size and type. We have been arranging shipments of dogs and cats, all various zoo inhabitants, radioactive isotopes, complex scientific tools and cosmic equipment, fresh fruits and natural flowers, paintings for museums, numerous blood tests, wide range of personal belongings and military hardware spare parts. It is much easier to list the cargoes our staff did not meet or inexperienced with.

Headquartered in Novosibirsk we have fully operative branch in Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport (OVB) next to the customs terminal. Our representatives network is stretched throughout such Siberian cities as Tomsk (TOF), Omsk (OMS), Barnaul (BAX), Kemerovo (KEJ), Krasnoyarsk (KJA) and many more.

We are active member of Novosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The employees our company systematically participate in the courses and undertake study programs run by IATA.

Avanti is 100% Russian company and we guarantee that the Russian forwarders are able to offer excellent service for more than a reasonable price. We strive to match the airfreight international standards and eager to rival the best available service throughout the world.

We are all the time open for a partnership and if you have anything to offer or discuss any issue of cooperation please feel free to send us your request at or call +7 (383) 364-02-90.

It is all about connection. Let’s fix it and outstretch.

Your Avanti team.



Important! Before sending goods to Russia by air, make sure to get a confirmation from a Russian agent. You should send invoices, packing lists, certificates and other documents relating to the delivery for checking prior to the shipment of cargo. If this is not done there is a risk of heavy fines, confiscation of goods and problems for the consignee.

Please note that when you make a delivery on DDP terms (and in some other cases) you should  get an approval for the participation of the consignee’s representative in the customs clearance of imports in Russia. Customs clearance without a representative is impossible. He/she must enter into a contract with a transport company or issue a power of attorney to work with the customs.

Please follow these rules and we will provide you with top quality service.

Avanti LLC, 2014